About Radhika Shankar

Radhika Shankar is the founder and Artistic Director of PadmaRatna Dance Company where she teaches and performs the art of Bharata Nrityam with her students.

Radhika, a talented Bay Area Bharata Nrityam artiste, has trained rigorously in the various aspects of Natya under the world renowned Padma Bhushan Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam at Nrithyodaya Dance Academy in Chennai. She has received critical acclaim for her graceful Bharata Nrityam dance style, expressive abhinaya, and her beautiful stage presence. Radhika has given numerous highly acclaimed solo performances throughout the world. She has produced and enacted several major group Bharata Nrityam performances over the years in India and the USA. These include performances at Stanford University, Livermore Hindu Temple, and thematic productions including The Art of Karanas, Bharata Nritya Vaibhavam and the Joy of Bharata Nrityam. Radhika has also featured prominently in several major Bay Area Group Benefit Concerts for the Livermore Hindu Temple, Aasra organization, Asian Tsunami fund raiser, Concord Hindu Temple and Chinmaya Mission San Jose. She has also performed at several Yuva Bharati events. Radhika was a key participant at the Golden jubilee celebration of Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam’s Nrithyodaya Dance Academy in Chennai, India and was conferred the award of “Bharata Nritya Seva Mani”

In addition to her Bharata Nrityam activities, Radhika pursues a professional technology career as a Group Director at Synopsys in California.

Pranams to Guru Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam